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Is there any difference between Asperger syndrome behavior in boys and Asperger's in girls ? Do you want to know why doctors often overlook Asperger's in Girls ?

The number of Asperger's girls is equal to that of boys. However, the girls are not diagnosed as often because Asperger's in girls presents itself differently. Therefore of the children diagnosed with AS, the number of Asperger's in boys outweighs the number of girls by a ratio of 4 to 1.

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4 common asperger syndrome behaviors seen in both girls and boys are as follows:

1. Difficulty reading social cues and body language

2. Problems with social skills

3. Demonstrating impatience

4. Difficulty developing empathy for others

Difference between girls and boys with Asperger's:

Boys will act out aggressively when they are frustrated. As a result, they get attention from adults while the girls remain silent about their frustrations. The girls appear to be shy or passive and adults overlook their problems; they have average or above-average intelligence that helps to hide their social awkwardness.

Asperger's in Girls - Do They Have Different Relationships?

Young women with Asperger's learn to mimic the behaviors of other children, and this happens when there are role models present. If no role models are available, girls with Asperger's do not learn proper behavior; they will learn behavioral "scripts" that facilitate their interactions with other people.

Asperger's girls might use dolls as substitute friends and create their own insulated live with their dolls.

During the elementary school years, asperger girls will find one good friend who is matronly. This friend becomes the link between the girl and the outside world. This friend can provide support and encouragement to the girl, but, if the friend moves away, the Asperger's girl can experience extremely negative consequences.

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